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Giant Python saved from a farm well by Brave Humans

A crocodile invasion avoided as its taken back to the natural habitat

A magnificent Leopard safely captured for relocation

Saving a very sick Deer.Humanity is alive and awesome

A giant Python released back to the jungle

Wildlife officers saving a deer's life. Humans are awesome

An injured owl being treated and saved by kind people

Amazing moments of animals and birds being released to the wild

Kind Humans helping an Elephant to get up.Humans are Awesome

Catching and saving a Critically injured deer with neck injuries

Sambar Deer finds a new home. Kind humans helping animals

An Elephant family saved from a swallowing muddy pit

Villager killer crocodile captured and released to a safe zone

Village killer crocodile gets secured for relocation

A bull trapped on a wire trap saved by kind wildlife officers

Reviving a fallen elephant. Humans are Awesome