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Let's watch elephants graze in a beautiful grassland

Out with the elephants: a day of grazing out on the dry grassy patch

Out boating: learning about fishing and the types of equipment used for it

Breathtaking falls–learning about the mystery of falling water and the beauty below

Watching the parrot feed, finding the rare white tiger and watching the peacock dance

Introduction to vegetables- Nutritious vegetables for kids, kindergarten children educational video

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Out with nature–learning about some of the spectacular creatures in the wild

A fun time with some elephants: grazing and having a drink of water

Staying with the herd– watching various herds of elephants as they go about with the day

BEAUTIFUL creatures of the wild– Birds, spotted herbivorous and locking horns with young bulls

Herd on the plains–watching elephants out on the green plain grazing and moving around

Out with the elephant herd grazing on a day– nothing like a nice slice of grass on a beautiful day

Fun time with an elephant– It's lunchtime with different types of palms for our elephant friend

Exploring beautiful Aircrafts–going supersonic with jet fighters and going big with turboprop planes

Going high with unique and colorful Aircrafts– an I'm a kids Aircrafts spectacular

Out on a sunny day– an elephant safari. Cooling off and grazing around lazily

A nice hot day for the elephants to graze and splash around | I Am A Kid- Elephant Video Collection

Unseen amazing friends in the Zoo | I Am A Kid- Animals Birds And Reptiles in the ZOO

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Trained elephants dance and their Incredible tricks- I Am A Kid Elephant Video Collection

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Amazing bird safari video for kids, kindergarten children educational video | I Am A Kid

Beautiful elephant herds in the forest | I Am A Kid- Wild Elephant Safari Video

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