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A beautiful Sri Lankan Peacock dancing

Monitor lizards are best friends with a human who feeds them every day

Wild elephants making love by a reservoir. (They have feelings too)

One Magnificent Tusker from Sri Lanka with Rare Tusks

One giant elephant toll booth that accepts food for a pass

Saving an Elephant that injured his trunk with the tusks

A Majestic owl out on daytime

A beautiful Sambar Deer spotted in Sri Lanka

A crocodile that swallowed Iron cables rescued by wildlife officers

Crocodile stuck in the well shouts: Get me out and take me away

This crocodile wants your home. Saved and taken to a safe area

Injured Baby elephant saved and given with saline.Kindness is a treasure

Villagers wanted to save a Crocodile from a farm well

An Injured Crocodile met the most humble wildlife officers from Sri Lanka

A giant mean looking Crocodile captured! Smooth officers are skilled